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Heal from toxic emotions of anxiety, depression, shyness, and fear.

Become More Confident and Successful

Grow into more effective ways of thinking and communicating, so you can live a happier life.

Daney LaVigne
Board Member at NW Children's Fund
Seattle, WA

A blessing when out of work...

"I joined Chad's class 5 months ago when I found myself out of work, and it was a blessing to meet him! Chad has a natural way of putting people at ease and helping you work through moments with clarity and fun.

I joined his class to learn different communication strategies and I've learned so much more than that. Chad is a great teacher with great energy, and I highly recommend working with him!!"

Amin Lakhani
Dating Coach on Wheels
Bellevue, WA

Overcame mental blocks and feels more empowered...

"I was always second guessing whether or not it was ok to speak up when I felt like speaking up. I didn't believe what I had to say was worth while to the group. When I did speak, I would try to rush through whatever I was saying, so as to not take up too much air time. I was also afraid that I would say something that would make people dislike me, so I was terribly careful with my words.

Chad helped me get clarity on why I was having these mental blocks. We went very deep into the way I thought about things, and even discovered some events that I had forgotten that were playing over and over in my head (without my conscious knowledge). Chad asked me insightful questions that helped ME reach the right conclusions. He didn't force anything on me, he simply presented alternate views that I was free to accept. After our call, I felt way more empowered to speak my mind, and I've been sharing more of my thoughts in group settings, as well as in my consulting business.

I would recommend coaching to anyone who feels stuck or trapped. Anyone who feels that they have a lot to share with the world, but they are constantly discarding what they have to say as not good enough. If you are constantly over analyzing everything, and unable to share your authentic self in the moment, coaching with Chad will help you break through that barrier."

Here's what I promise you:

You'll learn the most valuable ideas I've discovered in over 15 years of study in psychology and communication. You'll uncover ideas you can start applying to your life right away. You'll find I have a passion for getting the most out of living - I hope you do, too!

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